Offer for NOREBO

Opening a store on

We previously communicated with you at exhibitions and by phone

...and here are the conclusions we made:

  • 1

    There is a need to create a store on and find clients to make international contracts

  • 2

    NOREBO is interested in connecting an account for market leaders - Verified Supplier. This is a premium package for large suppliers with a guaranteed influx of views of the company’s products

  • 3

    The NOREBO company is a leader in seafood production and has an interest in expanding the geography of supplies abroad

  • 4

    About 50 product items are planned to be placed on the platform

  • 5

    Requires full management of the company's store on the, a personal service specialist, daily processing of incoming applications

  • 6

    It is necessary to focus on the Chinese buyer when designing and promoting the store

What does Alibaba give you?

  • Global Lead Generation Tool

  • Opportunity to develop supply geography

  • Opportunity to find new partners
  • Opportunity to become the first "Verified Supplier" in the Russian Federation and CIS countries
  • Analytics Tool
  • Brand Development and Advertising

How do we do this?

We discussed the tasks, and this is what we decided to offer you

Verified Supplier

Market leader

opportunity to become the first “Verified Supplier” in the Russian Federation and CIS countries

Verified Supplier tag and Customer Trust

An international agency will come and certify the production in your company, make a video and photo report and issue a certificate

Increased traffic of applications

A verified supplier gets priority registration at trade shows, shows up in the "Verified Manufacturers" search and receives more applications

Analytical tools

Access to all seller analytics tools on Alibaba


Verified suppliers receive free store set-up and VIP support 24/7

Connecting a Verified Supplier account:

- Access to the RFQ Market with privileges.
- Verified Supplier tag.
- 60 storefronts.
- 10 sub-accounts.
- Placement in the verified supplier pavilion.
- Video from on-site inspection by inspection agency.
- Certificates from the inspection agency.
- Evaluation report.
- Turnkey store design.
- Increased traffic for 6 months
- Ability to search for manufacturers
- Priority registration for exhibitions

Cost: 9999$ 7999$
MD-insight servises
we offer you the following service option for effective work

Please make a decision by 12/22/23

Our team will complete the work within deadlines and you will get a ready-made store on with worldwide promotion to suit your needs.
  • Cost of connecting the Verified Supplier: 7999$.
  • Cost of MD-Insight services: 220 000 thousand rubles
  • The term of launching the store will take ~ 28 days after providing information about the product
  • Dates of your company's verification activities will be set by arrangement
Contact us:
+7 (499) 290-88-90